The Theory of multiple intelligences says that intelligence comes in 8 flavors.

The Turing Test mainly covers Verbal–linguistic, Logical–mathematical and Interpersonal intelligence. For example, can a chat bot fool me into believing it's a human.

I propose the Tony Hawk Test for Robotics Intelligence. To pass the Tony Hawk Test a bipedal robot must have the ability to learn to ride a skateboard and beat Tony Hawk in a skateboard half pipe competition judged by a panel of 5 humans.

The Tony Hawk Test will prove a robot has Bodily–kinesthetic and Visual–spatial intelligence. It will have Gross motor skills and Fine motor skills as good or better than a human.

So why choose Skateboarding? Because, skateboarding is hard and takes a long time to master. It involves an object, the skateboard, that must be manipulated and it requires exceptional balance.

Robots are pretty far away from passing this test right now. The fumbling and falling robots from the DARPA Robotics Challenge certainly demonstrated that. Tony Hawk is getting older. I'm hoping a robot skates along soon that can give him a run for his money.